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COX Logistics SPC

P.O. Box 75096

Business Bay

21st Floor – Office numbers 2101

Building number 1260, Road 2421

Block 324, Juffair

Kingdom of Bahrain

Since our beginnings nearly a decade ago in 2005, Al-Badia has maintained a strict focus on delivering exceptional service while maintaining very competitive rates. As a wholly owned Iraqi logistics company we understand that this point is vital not only for our own success but also for the continued growth and economic prosperity of Iraq. At Al-Badia we are wholly customer and service focused. We work closely with our clients to fully understand their business, their objectives and their expectations in order to provide optimum value and support.


Behind every contract, supply chain solution, phone call and shipment is a personal relationship with you, our customer.

Business Hours:

Sun - Thurs 09:00 - 17:00

Owned Assets

As an asset based logistics firm Al-Badia invests heavily in our fleet of rugged and modern transportation equipment:

  • We own & operate with relationships over 250 twenty ton flatbed systems on a regular schedule
  • We own & operate with relationships 145 twenty to fifty ton lowboy trailers systems
  • We own & operate with relationships 45 eighty ton lowboy trailer systems
  • We own & operate  various transportation & MHE assets
  • We operate with relationships 13 one hundred and twenty (120) ton lowboy trailer systems
  • We own & operate 80,000 square meters of secure space inside the North Port of Umm Qasr

Past Performance

Since 2019, COX Logistics has been the Prime Vendor for the Trans-Arabian Network for the Defense Logistics Agency.



Office Telephone: +973 1700 0711


 Business Bay

21st Floor - Office 2101

Bldg 1260, Road 2421

Block 324, P.O. Box 75096

Juffair - Kingdom of Bahrain



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COX GROUP is a Bahrain based company owned and managed by a Retired US Army Logistics Officer with over 10 years’ experience as the 831st TRANS BN Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) S-3.

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